Friday, January 6, 2012

In Case You Need More Instruction on "Biblical Womanhood"

Sorry, folks, no Faculty Friday post today.

To date, Women at OBU has been our most-viewed blog post.  Also, 60% of our Facebook friends are women.  I'm sure you know better than I do what your true God-given role as women really is all about.  But if the 2000 revision of the Baptist Faith and Message was not clear enough for you cute little cupcakes, fear not!  A fundamentalist SBC seminary president's wife has written a book on the subject, available from LifeWay (SBC's publishing arm) for $39.99.

She is a specialist in biblical studies and theology special education and child development.  Clearly, the bar for getting theology books published by LifeWay is shockingly low.  But this gal knows pretty much everything there is to know about being a good, submissive Baptist wife.  (Her bio actually lists "President's Wife" before "Professor of Women's Ministry.")  She has preached spoken in Raley Chapel before ("I met my husband the first week of college...") and no doubt will again as the book tour heats up.

Since other translations and commentaries are driven by "21st century social agendas," Mrs. Dr. Kelley is ready to help free you from your feminist mothers... or something.  And her coauthor is ready to convince you that the theme of the Book of Esther is... you guessed it, submission.  You already know where a woman's place is not (pulpits, teaching Bible or theology at OBU, etc.), but this book presumably has a positive spin on where your place is:

So ladies, make your husband a sandwich and start reading.  The book will undoubtedly be available in OBU's new fundamentalist bookstore soon.

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  1. Maybe the reason LifeWay hired a special educator to write this book is that you have to be retarded to believe it.


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