Retired (and Otherwise Former) Faculty


If you are a former or retired faculty member, you probably know firsthand the consequences of OBU's disadvantageous relationship with the BGCO.  It is very likely that you or a colleague had your academic judgment questioned or your religious faith besmirched by one of several ever more fundamentalist administrators.

Perhaps you will consider lending your voice and your name to this effort.  Your experience, wisdom, and institutional knowledge will be vital.  Remember, things have gotten a lot worse at OBU even in the past couple years.  Philosophy, a core discipline in the liberal arts, is being replaced by "apologetics."  Administrators are cracking down on insufficiently orthodox faculty.  Well-loved and universally-admired professors are retiring, while others have actually been forced out.  It is almost certain that current faculty face a much more hostile, combative, and anti-intellectual administration than you did.  For that reason, I hope you will consider becoming involved.  I would especially love to hear from you.

Jacob Lupfer
OBU Class of 2002

Get Informed
  • Learn about changes in faculty and institutional dynamics on Bison Hill since you left.
  • Offer your support and encouragement to your relatively more junior colleagues who may feel trapped at OBU -- uncomfortable with the changes but unable to leave due to family and/or financial considerations.

Get Involved
  • Feel free to become involved in this effort in any way you can.  Your name and credibility carry considerable weight.
  • Contact me if you want to share your OBU story on this blog or share any insights that might help our effort.