Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Note of Thanks to Our Readers

Though it indicates a great deal of thoughtfulness and Christian charity in our growing community, it is not necessary to email me and ask if the reason there hasn't been a new post today is that the BGCO sued me.

I assure you, I have not been sued or even approached by the BGCO or any OBU administrators or trustees.  A number of people expressed concern in July, when posting was sparse.  And others of you have written since that time, which I appreciate.  But I want to let you know there is no need for concern.

Although, if I ever get a legal threat, summons, order, or injunction, I'll post it right here for your viewing entertainment, Dear Reader!  It might help get the word out.  So far, we haven't pursued media attention.  Our friends at Save Our Shorter were quite successful with their aggressive media strategy.  If things get much worse at OBU, I suspect we'll have no trouble raising awareness among a large audience.  But for now, we are trying to make connections with students and alumni.

I'll offer a few comments on the relatively less frequent posting.  First, we're fairly satisfied that things are somewhat better right now than they were this time a year ago.  (If we're wrong, please let us know immediately.)  This is not to say that things are as they should be -- the damage already done is significant.  Second, Veronica is a newlywed, I'm a new father, and we're both consumed with the demands of a new semester of graduate student life.  Third, we haven't received much multiply-attested inside information since last spring.

If you're interested in doing some guest writing on the blog, send me a note and let me know what you have in mind.  If you want to help with research or promotion, let me know.  And if you're a current or former trustee, faculty member, or administrator, I would, of course, be most eager to hear from you.  I assume most faculty members think their careers could be in jeopardy if they publicly advocated that OBU separate from the BGCO.  And maybe most faculty members are okay with BGCO control in principle, but are just angry about how it has manifested itself in recent years.  In any event, one faculty member even created a pseudonymous email account to communicate with me, though s/he eventually learned to trust my discretion.

However you prefer to communicate and whatever you have to say, I'm all ears.  My email address is jlupfer -at- gmail -dot- com.  I'd love to hear from students, alumni, or anyone else.  But there's no need to ask if I've been sued by the BGCO!

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