Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Save OBU Brochure (to print and circulate)

Click here for the file in *.pdf format on Google Drive.

If sharing with your church group, you may want to add context by directing interested persons to a digest of Save OBU blog posts old and new.

While Save OBU supporters are virtually unanimous in our concerns, we have not articulated our goals as precisely.  I long advocated for OBU's independence from the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, but that seems legally impossible and highly unlikely in any event.

So, for now, let me make it simple.  Here is what we want.
  1. Acknowledgement of harm done: to individuals as well as to OBU's norms, heritage, and reputation.
  2. Apologies to all who were wronged by violations of academic freedom and by unilateral decisions to depart from long-honored institutional norms.
  3. Assurances: that OBU will be run from Thurmond Hall, not the Baptist Building; that academic freedom will be preserved; that faculty contract rights will be honored; and that OBU's core mission as a Christian liberal arts college (not a fundamentalist Bible academy) will never be compromised, regardless of what has happened to other institutions affiliated with the BGCO or the SBC.
God bless OBU!

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