Wednesday, May 23, 2012

From the Archives: Baptist Freedoms Series

While I was taking a break from the blog during my daughter's first days, Veronica did a great series on the historic Baptist freedoms.  I really think this is one of the most important series we've done.  A lot of my research and writing on the blog has focused on Baptist politics and the plight of various schools.  But Veronica has done a magnificent job anchoring our work in the authentic Baptist tradition -- a tradition with which most post-Takeover Southern Baptist leaders have broken faith.

Proponents of the "conservative resurgence" will not admit it.  In fact, they'll insist that their new direction is not a new direction at all, but rather an important, definitive affirmation of core truths that they believe were somehow in danger of being eroded.  But anyone who has a true understanding of the core Baptist freedoms will have to admit, at the least, that today's SBC has chosen to go in a different direction.  Increasing creedalism, authoritarianism, and a turn from commitments to the liberty of the conscience and the priesthood of the believer are all characteristic of the post-Takeover SBC.

Without further commentary, here are Veroinca's four posts, with an introduction and a conclusion that examines their importance to academia.

Bible Freedom
Soul Freedom
Church Freedom
Religious Freedom

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