Friday, May 25, 2012

From the Archives: "Why I Do This" Series

Sorry for the late post tonight.  I've been busy with my family celebrating my bride's law school graduation!  It's a pretty remarkable achievement, considering that Cara gave birth to our daughter barely 5 weeks ago.  She excelled on her final exams and graduated with honors.  It's been very sweet to celebrate her accomplishments this week with our friends and parents (who also happen to be first-time grandparents).

During the week of OBU's commencement (when we weren't busy commenting on OBU's decision to honor a leading BGCO/SBC fundamentalist and presenting our letter of congratulations to 2012 OBU graduates), we published a series of posts on why we have invested our time and energy promoting the Save OBU cause.    (Short answer: We do this as an act of love for OBU.)  Veronica explained why she does this and followed later in the week with posts on the need for continuing vigilance as well as a vision for OBU's place and meaning in the wider world.  I also gave a brief reflection on why I've devoted my energy to this effort.

We'll try to keep the blog updated over the long weekend.  But get excited!  Next week promises to expose the problem of encroaching fundamentalism at OBU in the most vivid possible way.

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