Friday, July 13, 2012

Jacob's Interview with Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists (w/Video)

Yesterday's post discussed how the group Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists was formed largely over concern for OBU's future.  In 1997.  They didn't make much headway on OBU issues, unfortunately.  But I am pleased to say that the group, under the leadership of Executive Director Rev. Dr. Bruce Prescott, has been a powerful, prophetic witness for social justice, historic Baptist distinctives, and the separation of church and state for nearly 15 years.

Bruce has followed the Save OBU movement with some interest and provided key insights and analysis for us along the way.  I had the pleasure to meet Bruce and spend some time with him when he was in Washington for a conference in June.  He generously offered to interview me for his blog, which will hopefully get our message out to a broader Baptist audience.  The interview is broken into four parts.

Part 1: Who is Jacob Lupfer?
This is mostly biographical.  You can view it here if you're interested.

Part 2: What's Going On at OBU?
I explain why I started the Save OBU blog and offer my opinion about the effect of recent changes on the Christian witness of OBU.

What is Going On at OBU? from Bruce Prescott on Vimeo.

[UPDATE Monday, July 30, 2012: I said in the video that SWBTS doesn't have any women faculty.  This is not true.  They have a few professors of homemaking, submitting to your husband, and stuff like that.  Also, one of Professor Dorothy Patterson's past research assistants is now on faculty as "Assistant Professor of Theology in Women's Studies."  Sorry for the technical inaccuracy.  But really, my point doesn't really change until SWBTS and the other SBC seminaries have some female deans or professors in homiletics or branches of theology that aren't explicitly gender-focused and committed to a sexist position on women in church, family, and public life.  Who knows, maybe they have black professors of Confederate studies.]

Part 3: How Does the BGCO Influence OBU?
I discuss the repercussions of the Fundamentalist Takeover of the SBC and the BGCO on OBU.  I also describe how the percentage of OBU's budget being contributed by the BGCO has declined as the convention's influence over OBU's affairs has increased.

On OBU's Relation to BGCO from Bruce Prescott on Vimeo.

Part 4: Were is OBU Headed?
I comment on the change in the kind of books offered by the OBU bookstore, describe the turn away from classical instruction in philosophy, and talk about parallels between OBU and Shorter University in Georgia.

Where is OBU Headed? from Bruce Prescott on Vimeo.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.  We may fail in the end.  The people men aligned against us are very powerful.  Win or lose, though, I obviously believe it's important that we fight this battle.  Hopefully these videos will help you get to know me a little better and provide some context for our struggle.  Barely more than twenty years ago, Southern Baptists proudly ran many of the finest universities in the South.  I shudder to think about the state of Baptist higher education twenty years from now if current trends continue.  It's absolutely vital that we spread the word, raise our voices, and fight to protect the distinctively Baptist liberal arts tradition that meant so much to us.  The prospects for future generations of students to experience anything even comparable to the education we received are grim... unless something changes.


  1. "Weknow Southwestern has no women on faculty except the presidents wife". WRONG! Need to do your homework better.

    1. OK I have updated the post to reflect this. But really, the more you look at where they have there handful of women and where they don't, it just makes the whole institution all that much more of a huge joke.

    2. I went to school there and had Dr. Lawson (who is a female) for church education. I would also like to know the specialty of the Prof you wanted hired for New Testament at OBU. If she was educated at OBU I can quess she was probably along the same lines as Dr Kelly who is a great prof by the way and one of my 2 favorites I have had anywhere. The one they have gave a lecture that was very academic on the part of the New Testament never really ever covered at OBU and it was very thorough and very academic. Could it be that they have actually more diversity than you are wanting?

  2. Ah, OK, they have a few, but seem to be almost completely relegated to Childrens, Womens, and Music ministry. Same horse of a different color.

  3. Music? Go have a chat with the precious few highly educated, highly thoughtful women left in the OBU Music division. They have a new dean, and all....

  4. Does gender really matter? Southwestern is one of the largest and best seminaries in the world. I have disagreements in regards to secondary issues, however many men and WOMEN receive a wonderful education there.

  5. So Teltry point is if they are wrong there how much more do they have wrong?

  6. thanks for sharing.


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