Monday, October 22, 2012

Fun with Limericks

I'm still crunching numbers on our BGCO pastor survey and making plans for Homecoming Weekend. But in the spirit of fun, I thought I'd pass along a website that offers you a chance to win a copy of Rachel Held Evans's new book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood.  We've reported on the fundamentalist obsession with "biblical womanhood" before.

But in honor of Evans's new book (which LifeWay declined to carry online or in its stores because it undermines everything these people believe about gender roles in religious and family life and renders biblical literalism ridiculous they erroneously believe it won't sell many copies) and the fact that OBU now offers a course on women in ministry, I entered a contest on the website above to try to win a copy of the book.

To enter, all you have to do is submit a limerick.  Ostensibly, it should be about Evans's book, but I came up with something slightly different. Here's my entry:

She went off to a Baptist college
To gain complimentarian knowledge
She was called to be a pastor
And went to seminary faster
Than those fundies would like to acknowledge.

Then I thought maybe some of you in the Save OBU universe might have a clever limerick you'd like to submit in the comments below.  Think of the changes at OBU over the past few years and see if you can come up with a limerick!  I'll publish some of the best ones later in the week.

Here's one I made up just to jump start your creativity:

OBU once taught students to think
If you're gay you must go to a shrink
Now the fundies' safe "knowledge"
Harms our rep as a college
Forbes warns we're beginning to stink.

Or how about this?

OBU is a place that endears
Filling lives with laughter and tears
God's sustained Bison Hill
And I pray that he will
For another six thousand years.

You get the idea...


  1. 4 comments in the last're slacking Lupfer. Just shows your so called movmenet is slowing down...

    1. Maybe. Though we measure traffic in site visits, not comment. All I know is that no professors were wrongfully terminated this year and the provost hasn't been meddling. So maybe it's OBU's fundamentalist encroachment that's slowing down.

  2. For someone who can't stand having OBU have a box placed around it you sure do like to box a lot of people in by calling them all "fundamentalists."

    1. The only fundamentalists we've complained about are the provost, a copule of deans, and the BGCO/SBC leaders. What are you supposed to call people who single-mindedly disregard norms and ethics in service of an ideology of doctrinal purity?

    2. oh thats all

  3. We should call them Flappers. That way it would be at least funny when we say it.

  4. Jacob,
    I had professors who denied the authority of scripture while a student at OBU, so don't lecture conservatives about disregard for ethics and doctrinal purity. OBU is a southern baptist university, the bible should be the authority of the university, professors should believe in the essentials of the historic christian faith. I have my disagreements with so called fundamentalists on some issues, but the men you are attacking are Godly men who want nothing more than for OBU to succeed. OBU enrollment is up and according to a friend who is on staff at OBU things are going quite well, and I would not call him a fundamentalist.
    Also you have a lot of "fundies" who look at your blog so you're including them in your numbers.
    I don't mind professors with different views teaching at OBU but what I do mind is men like a former Philosphy Professor teaching that the bible is non authoritative and that Jesus is not the only means to salvation. Keep on blogging though, you have the right to spew this stuff.

    1. Granted, Jacob's rhetoric about "fundamentalism" is potentially misleading and intentionally inflammatory, it is not altogether inaccurate. People who wield a literal reading of Genesis 1-2 as if it were a badge of honor have earned the fundamentalist label. Those who would hire them are, at best, sympathetic to the fundamentalist cause. Would you not say the same of someone who hired "liberals"?

      Regarding your unnamed philosophy professor, is it so bad that OBU had a philosopher who demanded that students engage secular thinkers without providing every apologetic trapdoor imaginable? Evidently the faculty and department chair who appointed him did not think it such a loss, or perhaps they knew more of his faith and commitment to Christian tradition than his students. His dismissal was a clear signal of intent to reverse course and adopt a new set of "essentials of the historic Christian faith." You see, (and if you are an alum, you knew already) this list is a far more complicated matter than you let on.


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