Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Week 3 Roundup

Even though the past week has revolved around Christmas celebrations with family and friends, the Save OBU community has been active and vibrant.  As OBU students and alumni spread the word about our mission, the blog traffic continues to increase.  We've had over 1,500 page views so far.  Our friends at Texas Baptists Committed are driving traffic to last week's post on dancing, "OBU Trustees, May I Have This Dance?"

Other highlights from the week include:
  • The story on sexism at OBU became our most-viewed blog post
  • Our inaugural Sunday School post profiled William Jewell College, where President David Sallee (OBU '73) courageously led the school through a break with the fundamentalist Missouri Baptist Convention
  • We lamented that the BGCO has purged all moderates in the mold of Joe Ingram from its leadership and discussed the implications for OBU
This week, we will be reaching out to retired faculty, for whom the recent changes at their beloved OBU must be most heartbreaking.  Upcoming blog posts include "Interim Presidents Don't Pander" as well as a Sunday School post on the story of Stetson University's break from the Florida Baptist Convention in 1991.

What can you do:
  • Spread the word as widely as possible to non-fundamentalist OBU students and alumni
  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @SaveOBU_Blog
  • Email us if you want do a guest blog post or tell us your OBU story
  • Email us if you have particular knowledge of any of the following: the Q&A in October when the administration answered pre-selected questions from students; the circumstances of and chapel service commemorating Anthony Jordan's honorary doctorate in 2010; the new bookstore and the upcoming policy requiring students to buy books from it
2012 will not be the year that OBU breaks free from BGCO control.  But it will be the first year that we make significant progress toward that goal.  In any case, we wish you much happiness, love, and success.  God bless OBU!

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  1. You may be able to get a recording of that chapel online-- if you can't, there is a recording of all chapels in the library, and you can get someone on campus to go get it and listen to it for you.


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